Artist Statement

New Artist Statement:

Clay remembers the pinch marks of my fingertips — recording my actions and capturing the texture within the surface. Through coiling and pinching my mark-making become depictions of touch, thought, and labor. By slowly hand-building, I guide the vessel through the intimate process of creation.

Using a vibrant, red terracotta clay I have made decorative vessels with no utility. These ornate vessels reference the material objects that reside in the home: knick-knacks. The knick-knack serves as a novelty symbol made for display, and these vessels mimic the non-functionality of a home souvenir. I intend the viewer to think deeper about their connection to the objects that exist in the household.

I create large-scale domestic scenes out of cardboard to serve as a supportive context for the ceramic work. Each sculpture and installation represents a way to better acknowledge the tactile relationships to the objects that surround us. The ceramic objects in these scenes remain the primary focus to a narrative of personal family experience. Wherein the vessels serve no function, they symbolize the dysfunction within families. I want to show how objects and their environment reflect one another, allowing for the possibility of human emotion.

Old Artist Statement:

Countless hours spent walking through nature was the only way I knew how to occupy my solitary time, before I discovered clay as an outlet.  Each earthy-colored coil I overlap and press into the last holds a reminiscence of my footsteps.  I cherish every small coil and leave every pinch mark simply to satisfy the need to create a rhythmic, forward motion. 

Clay has a memory that records the successive layers from my fingerprints and captures an intimacy found in each layer.  I anticipate the dynamic flow of the pieces while permitting the process to generate its own intentions.  The final wandering forms correlate to my undetermined walking journey. The repetitive coils lead me to a pensive state of mind. I patiently embrace the pace of nature as it unfolds in quiet, meditative hours in the studio.

The accumulating rippling texture, with its geologic and organic analogues, creates tactile desire.  The undermined weight of the numerous forms is the advantage in the arrangement and organization of my installations.  The interplay of light and shadows challenges the viewer’s perspectives of gravity. This endeavor makes my coiled forms grow in diverse directions instead of simply upwards.